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Insightful Zoning and Land Use Attorney in Norcross, Georgia

More than 26 years of experience handling zoning and land use cases

Whether you are a homeowner tackling issues with building and zoning code violations or a construction company, contractor or developer navigating your way through complex land use laws and trying to keep your project on track, John E. Underwood, P.C. provides in-depth knowledge, insightful counsel and strong transactional and litigation representation for clients throughout the northeast Atlanta area.

John E. Underwood understands that your objective is to have your project approved. However, sometimes you have to challenge a denial to get there. Mr. Underwood offers clients the benefits of his more than 26 years of experience representing individuals, businesses developers, landowners, and local and state government entities in cases involving:

  • Special permits
  • Zoning ordinances
  • Rezoning
  • Land use planning
  • Planned unit development
  • Zoning board appeals
  • Variances and set-backs
  • Building code violations
  • Site plan applications
  • Purchase and sale of land
  • North American Wetlands Conservation Act issues
  • Environmental disputes
  • The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)

Troubleshooting throughout the process

No matter what your zoning and land use issue is, John E. Underwood, P.C. can best serve you when brought in early on a project. Working with you at every step from the beginning, Mr. Underwood can guide you through the process to anticipate and avoid problems along the way. It is important to know how your business or personal activities are affected by local, state and federal agency regulations.

To help you succeed, John E. Underwood, P.C. is committed to:

  • Using Mr. Underwood’s knowledge of agency procedures to your advantage
  • Identifying agencies and their regulations that affect your project
  • Ensuring the plan for your project complies with the applicable regulations
  • Working with technical experts, if necessary
  • Guiding you through the appeal process if your project is not approved initially

When necessary, John E. Underwood, P.C.  can also represent your interests in administrative hearings, zoning board appeals and cases before municipal, state and federal courts

Skilled environmental law representation in Norcross, Georgia

For assistance with your zoning and land use issues and disputes, call John E. Underwood, P.C. at 770-925-0111 or contact the firm online to schedule an appointment.